Thursday, November 18, 2010

The future status of English as the global language is assured

These days, it seems to be a truism that English is the global language. But how about its future? Will English continue to dominate as the major medium of communication in the era of the Internet? Although there are many challenges the English language might face in the future, English will still definitely be the global language in the next several decades.

Opponents of English as the global language in the future claim that some language can replace English as the global language. However, the argument is inconclusive. One language starts to thrive only when the country gains prosperity and power. There is no valid evidence to prove that the English-speaking countries, specifically the U.S., will lose their power in the future. There is also no valid evidence to prove that some other country will gain more power than the U.S. in the next decades.

Some people might argue that even no other-language-speaking country will in power in the next decades, some other language still might rise with migration. A long time ago, England had colonies all across the world. All these colonies obviously would speak English. So English was easily able to spread around the world. Now, China has the most population in the world. With migration, almost all the countries in the world have Chinese speakers. The influx of many Spanish-speaking immigrants to the U.S. also increased the number of Spanish-speakers in the U.S. But without enough the economic and political power of its country, Chinese or Spanish still can not replace English as the globle language in the world. In order to live in the new country, the migration has motivation to learn English or local language.

Opponents also refer English is a difficult language, and will be easily replaced. Unfortunately, there is not yet a valid method to determine whether one language is "easier" than another. One language may seem easier to somebody, but more difficult to others. Therefore, the argument of English will be replaced in the future because it is difficult to learn is vulnerable and can not be established.

In a word, there is no efficient and effective proof or measure to be sure English will lose its current status.

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